Essential Cooking Course
Essential Cooking Course
Essential Cooking Course
Essential Cooking Course
Essential Cooking Course
Essential Cooking Course
Essential Cooking Course
Essential Cooking Course
Essential Cooking Course
Essential Cooking Course

Essential Cooking Course

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About Essential Cooking

Essential Cooking is a progressive cooking course developed to build confidence and knowledge for the everyday home cook. Chef Danny Boome will demonstrate 30 different recipes and interpret culinary language and techniques in each of the eight 90min classes, empowering you with his fun, high-energy teaching style.

Working together as a collective, class members work through the stages of the recipe techniques. At the end of each section or class, we gather to taste and discuss what we have learned from our kitchen experience.

You don't have to cook alone! Please take advantage of our +1 Class Tickets for $45 and bring a friend to class. (24hr notification required) 

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Join virtually and cook along. Danny interacts and keeps you on track with each recipe; he coaches and answers your questions virtually throughout the class. Each class comes with an interactive teaching pack that includes all measured key dry ingredients, coursebooks, recipe cards, and some special surprises shipped free of charge before every class.

Interactive teaching packs are shipped 5-7 business days in advance to the class.

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Class Schedule

Session A: October 11th - November 22nd, 2022 

Class 1  Kitchen Equipment 101 

Learn the tools of the trade, from how to hold a knife, pre-heat an instapot, and clean a cast iron skillet. Understanding what traditional and new age equipment is at hand and how to use it is the first step in kitchen safety and confident preparation.

Class 2 Pairing +Infusion = Saucery!

A good sauce that creates an everlasting taste memory is the key to every great dish! Understanding What ingredients pair well and how to infuse those flavors together to create unforgettable tasting, oils, butter, alcohol, marinades, jus, vinaigrette, Consommé, and Sauces from scratch will be the foundation of every dish you will ever make!

Class 3 The 3 T's

Balancing Time, Technique, and Taste is the next step in becoming a better cook. Our daily life demands getting food to the table in a timely, efficient methodical manner. Students will collectively create five dishes in an up-tempo class in one hour, landing all dishes on the tasting table simultaneously! Danny guarantees this class will make you a more confident home cook.

Class 4 Plan / Prep / Batch 

Planning the Week, Month, or Season, Prepping the menu and ingredients to build for the meals ahead, or feeding an army of people in one sitting; batch cooking is an essential skill! You must think and prepare big, but while being wary of over-flavoring and drying out, do not forget to avoid freezer burn and spoiling when transporting. Time to grab your big pan sheet! As we are making five go-to big-batch meals!

Class 5 Whole Food Vegetarian 

To be or know a vegan was a rarity, but now we're all participating in meatless Monday! This Essential Cooking class is here to help you understand how sexy* and tasty vegetarian / vegan cuisine can be! (*YES, we did say sexy & delicious in the same sentence when referring to vegan food!)

Class 6 Desserts

You have worked hard, cooked a great meal, and now it's time to indulge! A dessert can be your afternoon pick-me-up or your grand finale to a meaningful evening with friends or family! So, we had better go all out!!

 Class 7   Plate Like A Pro

OK, you've had six classes to understand the essentials of Cooking. Now it's ShowTime! Building, designing, selling, and hiding faux pas on the plate! WARNING! Your dishes will be making your friends jealous with #Instaworthy plates!

 Class 8 Graduation Dinner 

As a class, we have worked through 30 recipes and absorbed hundreds of skills, so now is the test! The class will be broken into five work groups that cook two dishes each. The teams cook their courses. Once complete, we sit, gather, and eat together one last time.