Class 10: Batch Cooking
Class 10: Batch Cooking
Class 10: Batch Cooking

Class 10: Batch Cooking

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Batch Cooking Prepping for the week or feeding a ton of people in one sitting; batch cooking is an essential skill to have! You have to think and prepare big but consist, be wary of over flavoring and drying out, oh, and not to forget avoiding freezer burn and spoiling when transporting. Time to grab your big pan sheet! As Danny teaches you the tricks of the trade!

About Essential Cooking

Essential Cooking is a progressive virtual cooking class developed to build confidence and knowledge for the everyday home cook. In each of the 10 classes, Chef Danny Boome will demonstrate and interpret culinary language and techniques, empowering you with his fun, high-energy teaching style. At the same time, you cook and taste along in your kitchen. Danny will also answer questions virtually throughout the 60min class.

Each class comes with an interactive teaching pack that includes all measured key dry ingredients, coursebooks, recipe cards, and some special surprises shipped free of charge before every class.

Interactive teaching packs are shipped 5-7 business days in advance to the class.

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Meet Your Teacher

Master of all food trades, Chef Danny Boome founded the Gastronauts Academy 10 years ago. Emmy-nominated, internationally renowned culinary personality and educator, Danny elevates and ignites an appreciation for bold, unpretentious cuisine.

More than just a handsome talking head, Danny brings an authentic, global food & drink background to everything he touches. A decade of experience and an insatiable appetite for culinary education allows Danny to craft sincere, enlightening relationships with his gastronomic students.

He’s interviewed the world’s leading tastemakers and rescued real people from digestive disasters, all while raising his family and traveling the world.

Whether he’s chopping it up with his informative repartee on America’s food issues as Dr.Oz’s “Food Detective” or cultivating gastronomic experiences and adventurers at his Gastronauts Academy, Danny’s rich personality and culinary expertise is sure to inspire the foodie in all of us. Seriously though, Sierra Magazine selected him as one of nine chefs that are changing the world, and his IMDB is no joke. KNIFE DROP.