Gap Year

The Gastronauts Academy GAP Year is Designed as an in-depth 6-10-week course that operates virtually and in person. Perfect for all ages and stages, from novice foodies to advanced cooks who want to develop and grow their skill set through an extensive yet cost-effective gap year (pre-university, post-university, sabbatical year)


The Gastronauts GAP Year focuses on elevating inexperienced and veteran cooks to a new level of competence, confidence, and culinary/hospitality knowledge. Forging essential kitchen and life-oriented skills for those pursuing their passion or a new adventure.


Gastronauts GAP Year offers the perfect on-ramp to make of your newfound skills.


Our built-in. Optional U.S. & European internship program gives you valuable work experience in a wide selection of culinary fields, including cafés, bars, hotels, bakeries, breweries, and restaurants within our network of partners in North America, Rochester, New York, and Europe, Geneva, Switzerland.


We encourage you to take your newfound skills and travel the world! With our recruitment agencies and hospitality partners, we can help you land your dream job working at winter ski resorts, summer villas, private houses, and yachts in the U.S., Europe, or the Caribbean.