Classes Fall/Winter 2020

Gastronauts Academy was founded in 2010 by renowned chef and food educator Danny Boome as a pop-up cooking school, with an appreciation for food, drink, and culinary education forging the cornerstones of the curriculum. Fast forward to 2020 our undying passion and belief that home kitchens should be fun places to be, has grown the Academy into an experiential dream machine, with specially curated virtual classes, personalized tasting sessions, recipe workshops, and training seminars, all tailored with the vision, to inspire everyday home cooks and wannabe foodies to follow their passion and explore new tastes and experiences.
$45 Per Lesson
6 Classes $175.00
10 Classes $275.00
Essential Cooking is a progressive virtual cooking class developed to build confidence and knowledge for the everyday home cook. In each of the 10 classes, Chef Danny Boome will demonstrate and interpret culinary language and techniques, empowering you with his fun high-energy teaching style. While you cook and taste along in your kitchen. Danny will also answer questions virtually throughout the 60min class.
Each class comes with an interactive teaching pack, that includes all measured key dry ingredients, course book, recipes cards and some special surprises that are shipped free of charge before every class.
Interactive teaching packs are shipped 5-7 business days in advance to the class.
What goes with what?
Class One is focused on the age-old question, what goes with what and why? Why does garlic & onion seem to go well with everything? Does chocolate really go well with cauliflower?  From the obvious to the never imagined—melding the right ingredients together to create the perfect balanced dish is the essential first step in becoming a good cook.
Once we understand what goes with what, we then have a natural progression to our next class. Class 2 Is focused on infusing flavors into everything we love to use, oils, butter, alcohol, marinades and sauces to name a few.

Meat & Potatoes
Like everything, we have to start with the basics! In one hour, Danny will teach 3 simple recipes that will teach you the 3 T’s, timing, technique and taste. Danny guarantee’s this class will make you a more confident home cook!
Pronto Italiano
Quick, simple, healthy and bold in flavor! That’s Pronto Italiano! You will learn how to identify the different kinds of pasta and cook pasta the right way, make a scratch Marianna and pesto sauce, and finish it off with classic Italian desert.

The key to every great dish is a good sauce, jus, vinaigrette or Consommé.  Class 3 teaches us how pull everything together from pairing & infusing, developing a sauce from scratch, stock and raw ingredients. Danny teaches the 3 essential sauces that will be the foundation of every dish you will ever make!
How Sweet it is!
You have worked hard, cooked a great meal and now it’s time to indulge! A dessert can be your afternoon pick me up or your grand finale to a momentous evening with friends or family! So, we had better go all out!! Danny teaches 3 quick desserts that will make your guests this your part

Whole Food / Vegetarian
To be or know a vegan used to be a rarity, now we we’re all participating in meatless Monday! Essential Cooking series is here to help you understand how sexy* and tasty vegetarian / vegan cuisine can be! (*YES, we did say sexy & tasty in the same sentence when referring to vegan food!)

Plate Like A Pro
OK, you’ve had 8 classes to understand the essentials of cooking, now it’s ShowTime! Class 8 is all about making, selling and hiding faux pas on the plate! WARNING! Will be making your friends jealous with #Instaworthy plates!

Batch Cooking
Prepping for the week or feeding a ton of people in one sitting,  batch cooking is an essential skill to have! You have to think and prepare big but consist, be wary of over flavoring and drying out, oh and not to forget avoiding freezer burn and spoiling when transporting. Time to grab your big pan sheet! as Danny teaches you the tricks of the trade!
Paired Up!
Danny invites guests to spend the evening with him and wine and beer experts, for an essential walk  through a selection of wines and beers, while blowing away your expectations with their food pairings.