Essential Kitchen Cookwear

After a year of product development, Gastronauts Academy and Not a Square Pan have created a high quality and affordable cookware set that ticks all the boxes for the everyday home cook!

Not a Square Pan, the square bottom cookware with a round top, has flipped the culinary world on its head by offering more cooking surface area in the pans and a faster, even cooking experience through better heat distribution. Made from high-grade heavy aluminum with scratch-resistant, premium non-stick coating, and stylish, ergonomic cool-touch riveted handles, these pans make the perfect tool for all aspiring Gastronauts!

This holiday season Gastronauts Academy and Not a Square Pan have created one of a kind gift package options and experiences! Apart from being sold this holiday season separately, home cooks everywhere can purchase cookware packages that include cooking lessons with Gastronauts Academy founder Chef Danny Boome!

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