Gastronauts Academy & The Commissary Fueling the fire Together!

New Demo Kitchen and Live Stream Studio


Gastronauts Academy is pleased to announce that it has become a founding member of the Rochester Commissary, a project of the Rochester Downtown Development Corporation, RDDC. The only kitchen incubator facility in Upstate New York, The Commissary is located in Sibley Square in the heart of Rochester’s rapidly transforming Downtown Innovation Zone.

Gastronauts Academy @ The Commissary will utilize this one-of-a-kind facility to host Gastronauts Academy virtual learning classes in the state-of-the-art performance kitchen.  Production for the virtual learning class and tasting kits will also be assembled in the commercial, licensed kitchen facility.

commercial, licensed kitchen facility. commercial, licensed kitchen facility.

Looking towards Spring 2021,  Gastronauts Academy will offer in-person classes and courses that will be in full compliance with NYS COVID-19 guidelines.

Gastronauts Academy-founder Chef Danny Boome said on Taste of NY podcast,  The Commissary and I both set out on a journey four years ago to develop a space and culture for wannabe foodies to cultivate their curiosity, confidence, and culinary know-how.  We have come together to pursue that goal and are now ready to open the doors to go forward on our next phase together. As a founding member, we are extremely proud to be part of a movement that offers so much positive support to aspiring food business entrepreneurs. I’m excited to support and mentor the continued promotion of the Upstate New York and Finger Lakes region.

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