Chef Brud Holland Joins Instructors Team.

Gastronauts Academy are delighted to introduce Finger Lakes culinary leader Chef Brud Holland to our instructors team.

For 25 years, Chef Brud Holland has embarked on a collective of Finger Lakes culinary endeavors- restaurant and bakery owner, author, small-scale food processor, nonprofit fundraiser, culinary arts instructor, and chef. Respected for his dedication to all things grown and made in the Finger Lakes region of New York, Brud’s passion for the arts—both culinary and fine—perpetuates his belief that our regional food and drink can be a quintessential FLX-inspired experience. Culminating all of this is Finger Lakes Made (FLXMade), the company Brud recently established to extend his many years of collaborative efforts with some of the regions finest “makers”- farmers, winemakers, brewers, distillers, wood and metal artists, and glassblowers. Brud is creative, artistic, dynamic, and passionate. He is always pushing the FLX experience to new and different heights.

Gastronauts Academy Founder Danny Boome described Chef Holland's introduction to the instructor’s team: Gastronauts Academy mission is to set a standard as virtual and in person Food & Drink educators, today our team won the draft lottery and got the #1 pick! Brud brings such a wealth of experience, but more importantly PASSION AND ENERGY! Our special brand of teaching depends of those key ingredients, to make the Gastronauts learning experience dynamic and fun, our goal is to inspire students and fill every day home cooks with confidence, Brud ticks all those boxes!

Chef Brud will be leading the Gastronauts Academy Baking program which launches November 20th and a key adviser and teacher in our “Makers” & “Farm to Fork” programs which launch in the Spring of 2021!