Chef, Father, International TV Personality, Brand Ambassador, Traveler and Adventurer, are just a few ways to describe Danny Boome. Danny is an internationally renowned food and drink educator that has built a brand on empowering wannabe foodies by inspiring them to take the leap of faith in the kitchen. Danny fills students with confidence by translating the technical aspects of food and drink into easy to understand steps and common sense knowledge. Danny and his global brand have gained national media, being recognized as a global influencer as television host, journalist and activist. In 2015, he was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Culinary Host by the National Academy of Arts and Science, which recognizes excellence in the television industry for his work a host of Good Food America on ZLiving Network, a prominent leader of digital health and wellness programming. Additionally, Sierra Magazine selected him as one of the nine chefs changing the world. With a decade of broadcasting experience, Danny has built his brand in the U.S. and across the globe, becoming well known to audiences for his culinary work and dynamic personality. Danny empowers viewers and consumers teaching with fun, healthy lifestyle choices and creative options. As a journalist and commentator with ABC’s the Chew and Food Network, Danny has interviewed the world’s leading trendsetters and tastemakers—networking and cultivating relationships with the world’s food and drink leaders. Danny has taken his passion to create a better food world for all by developing the Better FED Project, a boutique foundation and think-tank that has worked on some of the most extensive food problems the world and the U.S. faces today. Danny has worked with local and national governments on creating better food educational programs, helping integrate healthy food options into low income areas, supporting farmers by gaining better legislation and designing quality training and employment programs to develop carriers and jobs for school leavers. Danny’s journey to become the chef and teacher he is today was unconventional. He began his training in 1999 as a cook in Switzerland in conjunction to being an au pair for a local family while backpacking around Europe. He later trained at the acclaimed West Wind Inn in Canada and attended the Grange Cookery School in England. His first post as a young chef was at the fashionable Asia de Cuba restaurant in St. Martins Lane Hotel, London. Twenty years of Danny’s experiences have fueled his passion for food, travel, and exploration—thirsting for his next great food and drink adventure! Enter The Gastronauts Academy. Over the past decade, Danny has observed a sizeable shift in availability of affordable training courses and the subsequent translation of skills from the home kitchen to any kitchen. As such, Danny’s passion, knowledge and vision are the foundation of the Gastronauts Academy. His vision is to give everyone the best opportunity to follow their passion, be it learning to cook, brew beer or coffee art, or taste the world but don’t know where to start. If you want to follow a new path and need the skills to make the jump, then the Gastronauts Academy is here to make your dream come true. Danny and the Gastronauts Academy team are ready to inspire you with amazing classes, courses and adventures that will motivate you to FOLLOW YOUR PASSION!

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